Walk on the apartment

Walk on the apartment This game requires preliminary preparation and at least sound recording equipment it can be the elementary household tape recorder with builtin the micro background.

Walk on the apartment with the tape recorder and write down as more different sounds which can be familiar are possible to your child.

For example water splash, noise of the working vacuum cleaner printer, washing machine and other devices, whistle of a teapot, door scratch, knock of the closed door, ring keys, falling of a metal cover from a pan on a floor, doorbell, call of the telephone set and mnogoyemno Goya another.

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Zha Nuchitelli, the head

Zha Nuchitelli, the head We will not begin to repeat already told about it in other place.

Here we want to describe only two cheerful games, appeared very on a shoulder to babies.

a Nuchitelli's game for recognition of flowers.

zha Nuchitelli, the head mistress of first Children's home, invented this graceful game.

It establishes in a class an order and silence exercise in good conduct, then distributes the color plates to children as follows she shows to the child the plate and asks What it color?

and children answer with chorus, for example Red!

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There are things

There are things Perhaps novelists not immediately some bubbles stretched slower, more quickly, but if you will persevere these exercises, toymovie bubble napitsa to stretch and hold more grave.

By the way, added Sam, in General in teenie day to drink it is necessary much, as this will give bladder more Mogi that he needs to exercise stretch.

Yes, huť not for was, she whispered.

There are things such as chocolate, CocaCola and coffee that you don't want to eat or drink on foot.

They seem to Mekorot moveway bubble, and he has a desire the release can at will.

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Dysbacteriosis They often and long are ill, almost do not put on weight.

Appetite is usually reduced, the anemia and symptoms of rickets are observed.

Most socalled widespread dysbacteriosis, when is heavy microbes are carried from intestines on all organism, causing the inflammatory processes in many bodies.

For example, fungal disease kandidomikoz can call at the same time the milkwoman, quinsy, defeat gastro intestinal path and pneumonia.

Dysbacteriosis sometimes proceeds and is imperceptible, without the described bright symptoms.

But thus nevertheless frequent incidence, loss of appetite are observed, lag in weight from contemporaries.

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When giving

When giving After suppressions to add garlic and to stir.

When giving a kidney with sauce and vegetables to put on a plate and to strew with greens parsley.

A garnish potatoes fried or boiled.

Liver the natural fried Liver g, a flour g, butter g, onions g or tomatoes g, a garnish g.

Liver beef or mutton to wash out, cut out large bilious channels and to separate from the film covering it.

To cut the cleared liver wide pieces on for the portion.

Before frying pieces to salt, bread in a flour and to fry on a frying pan or baking sheet with fat.

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Many came

Many came When the Princess turned three years, The king and Queen decided to invite the Palace of teachers who will teach them daughter how to behave at the table, as behave guests will tell her about the magic words, learn to draw, to sing, to read and count.

Many came to the Palace of teachers, but none of them liked princes the Council of Europe.

She told the parents that do not want to study and the teachers are not needed.

OPE was Challis the King and Queen, too they wanted their daughter was and a clever razumniy, and educated girl.

What do they do?

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He hoped that

He hoped that All medical art is based on education of feelings; schools instead podgotovlyat doctors by studying of classics.

The most educated the doctor is powerless if his sensitivity is insufficiently developed.

One surgeon at my presence recommended to several poor mothers to watch for perva mi the deformations which are formed at small children from rickets.

He hoped that these mothers will bring to it the children having this illness in early stages, when the help the medical can be valid.

Mothers understood his thought, but were not able to distinguish the first signs of deformation as they had not enough education of feelings, thanks to which it was possible to define signs of a painful deviation.

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